Come and gather with authentic community builders

Community building is complicated. People want it now, but they don't want to put in the work. At Rosieland we understand that is not how community works.

We've been there, done that, and we are still here doing it, with ❤️

Real community requires work, experimentation, connection, visions and goals. We get that. Making that happen is hard.

We are here to level each other up as community builders with a dream of building the future generation of authentic and impactful community builders.

How we do it will change over time, but we promise we will:

  • share everything we know
  • always be curating and researching
  • guide and teach
  • create collaboration opportunities
  • we write, and help you do the same
  • be there to help you
  • host events for every style

Come join the real rosie thing.

Reasons to love gathering at Rosieland?

  • access to all content and news, ever
  • special invites to our events, including audio chats
  • help us build the most awesome community building digital garden ever
  • connect with other likeminded community builders

Join Rosieland for $200+taxes per year.

Yours truly,

🌈 Team Rosieland

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