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How I'm Not Defaulting To The Traditional Publishing and Marketing Tools

I've become increasingly uncomfortable with defaulting too easily to the online tools that we always use, ones that aren't great with your data and where ethical boundaries are crossed. As I start to focus on building a new 'website' I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to change my approach as I focus on a bit of a refresh and reboot of things in my life.

So, welcome to Rosie Land!

I often refer to my the space in my head being Rosie Land, that's when I'm off in my own little world. After my recent IH Podcast a kind person let me know the domain was available, so I snapped it up!

I realise I have a lot I can share, but I've lacked that consistency to get any proper writing out the door. These are my first steps to create that habit.

Admittedly, I haven't made life easy for myself. 5 kids and home educating. Whatever was I thinking?

However, on top of that, Ministry of Testing was always my priority, I've managed to shift that somewhat and I feel better about the balance I can have.

I'm here now. And that's what matters. Right? :)

Choosing the tools

I'm not really a techie or a coder. I want tools that are easy and nice to use. I don't mind paying, but I'd rather pay on the lower end. I find many tools out there are around $30 p/m, ideally I want to be paying less than $10p/m for each tool. Otherwise I feel the costs escalates quite quickly.

I've also decided to use tools that are made my indie hackers, makers, bootstrappers. Whatever you may call them. I do this in real life with our day to day living - for example, I avoid big supermarkets where possible (but not always) and do my best to do my daily shopping at a locally run green grocers and butchers. I really want to extend those efforts to my online habits.

So for my online publishing I've decided to go with: