❤️Community Building ❤️

When you geek out on communities it is hard not to look at situations and see how community is being built within them.

Screenshot of a Ted email

The above email is from the much loved Ted. For future context it was written during the time of 'the coronavirus'. 🦠

Working with what they have

In each of the above 3 instances it appears they haven't tried to re-create or engineer a fancy new solution to build their community. They are making do with what they have.

  • The daily conversations they are having are from people they most likely already have a relationship with.  These are relationships they have probably built up over years.
  • Ted@Home is not new content, it is just pitched as something useful in current Coronavirus times where so many children are stuck at home.  They have also used this opportunity to also create a dedicated email list.
  • TedCircles is not brand new, it seems it was launched in September 2019, 6 months+ ago.  Infact, I would even guess that TedCircles is experiment with them at the moment, as I can't find a reference to it from their main site navigation. With everyone going virtual they are (probably) using it as an opportunity to promote it and take it further.
  • Ted focuses conversations in on the ideas (ie the talks they publish), it appears the only way to contribute is via comments on talks.  This is perfect for them as their whole mission is about spreading good ideas.