❤️Community Building ❤️

I'm old enough to say that I remember the maker type mentality of the internet back in the days, around 15 years or so ago.  I was using the internet and testing software (!) before then, but it wasn't until around 2005 that I explored making stuff.

I used to love exploring the web and make use of what was out there without really having the programming know how.  Today this would be referred to as no-code. From what I recall, mostly it was publishing, social and community tools that I naturally gravitated towards.

One that I remember fondly is the defunct Stikipad.  It was basically a nice looking wiki, for blogging or note taking, or mind dumping whatever.  I actually ended up having it as my blog at one point, it was good fun and really easy to update!

I often miss it and still to this date I've yet to come across a nice and usable wiki or web publishing tool that is designed for this - a website you can just organise info nicely without feeling the constant pressure to constantly be publishing.

Stikipad image by Chris Messina - https://flickr.com/photos/factoryjoe/490314095/

I think about these things because I love writing and want to write more. However, I also realise that I get more out there if I just hit publish.

The web these days is pretty fancy compared to 15 years ago.  There is often the pressure to have a perfectly written, designed, style and SEO-ified article.  To then follow up with the perfect email newsletter and social media updates.

Oh the pressure!

No wonder most people don't keep up a writing habit, myself included!

So here I am stating that I'm going back to my roots.  I'm using Ghost this time around, incase you are wondering. I want to learn, write and gather information.  Over time I envision it to become a super useful and searchable resource for anyone interested in the combination of community, growth and indie hacking.

When I write it's not necessarily about posting something new, it's about updating this website with whatever I feel it needs so that it becomes more valuable to me and my (paid 💵) readers.  That might mean writings something new. Or it might mean editing something previously written. Or maybe adding a new resource. Or removing something stupid I've posted.

I feel we don't look at the web like the way it could be used - as a forever changing entity to create relevance and long term value.  As a living thing, to nurture and maintain for the beauty that it can be.

Or maybe this is part of getting old, who knows.

I hope you'll consider joining me for the ride.