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'Find quick wins to keep you motivated' is something I heard recently. I took note of it as an interesting point of personal reflection.

The slog with indie hacking is ever so real. Over the years I've realised that making decisions and then taking action is what has mostly kept me going (and motivated at least some of the time), not necessarily the quick wins.

Though, one could argue that making a decision is a quick win, hmm.

However, the point I'm making is that when I'm not making decisions I stagnate. Sometimes stagnation is ok. Things, projects and ideas need time to evolve and mature. Being aware of this is important.

But sometimes stagnation is not ok. There are things that just need decisions so that you can progress to the next stage. Much of the stresses I've personally felt has been around deciding on what to (not) do. Once I could make a decision things would become more manageable.

And honestly, making the decisions is really what has ended up keeping me motivated.

Quick wins can happen when you make decisions and take the actions that relate to those decisions. Quick losses too. Or sometimes big wins or big losses! Or sometimes survival happens. Or sometimes it feels like nothing happens at all.

But when you look back, or at least when I look back, my growth has been an accumulation of decisions being made. And perhaps if I had been more aware of this I would have tried to figure out how to make quicker and better decisions.