❤️Community Building ❤️
In the Hindu Upanishads, there's a passage that speaks to how those who become wise lose their names in the Great Oneness, the way rivers lose their names when they flow into the sea.  In this transformation from the solitary to the communal, there's a mysterious physics that each generation has to relearn regarding what is possible when we can work together. - Mark Nepo (More together than alone)

This quote is the opening to Mark Nepo's book.  It got me thinking straight away as it is something that I love about communities, the fact that we can all come and merge together, bits of us get passed on to others, we transform and become something else entirely.

These days I feel that communities are often not built with this is mind.  Many of the tools out there are about a core person or team leading or controlling things.  In theory, everyone has something to give in a community and that will shape what we all become.