❤️Community Building ❤️
I've been using a simple system from day one. I write my daily article, then I post it on Hacker News and on Twitter. The first month, four of my articles hit the front page of HN. It brought many visitors to the website, with a fraction of them converting to newsletter subscribers. Some of my most popular articles included the ones about JOMO and Time Anxiety. This got me to about 2,000 subscribers in the first couple of months.
From @anthilemoon's recent Indie Hackers interview

When we think about growing and validating our efforts it doesn't have to be rocket science. Anne-Laure is literally writing something, then she's sharing it. That's a concept that is pretty easy to get to grips with.

The difference may be that:

  • she's so damn excited and in love with what she is writing
  • she's not really focused on making money (yet)
  • she's trying to be useful
  • she's not (really) trying to sell you anything
  • she's doing it daily (respect!)
  • she's sharing in communities that she identifies with

Here is what I think are the most important things about what Anne-Laure is doing, she:

  • is building up her network
  • is learning as she is going
  • is trying to figure out what works, what she enjoys and what she wants to offer in the future
  • knows that money right now isn't a priority
  • is building trust and a great reputation
  • she's built a process that works for her

When she comes to launch something she'll (probably):

  • not have to spend any money on marketing
  • would know her audience better than anyone out there
  • have a high chance of having a validated product
  • will have a queue of people naturally there and most likely ready to give her money
  • enjoy the process of launching as her chances of succeeding will be so much higher.

We often feel like we need fancy tools or hacks to make things work. When really what often pushes the needle is working on ourselves, our processes and creating stuff that matters.

Of course, nothing guarantees success, but loving what you do, making weekly or daily progress and working openly sure increases your chances of success.