❤️Community Building ❤️

I fondly remember Derek Sivers talk on how to start a movement. The short talk is worth a watch to see how Derek shares analysis of what otherwise seems like a stupid thing.

Then I stumbled across this one on Twitter.  Which is basically the same idea, but with singing instead of dancing.

So, of course I bring back these ideas to how I think about communities. Whether a founder, leader or member, when creating community:

  • you get that feeling of doing something crazy (yup, weird looks from people means crazy!)
  • you know it's a good (and hopefully right) thing to do
  • most will ignore you to begin with and then hopefully join in with the masses
  • you need to lead by example
  • then others will emulate and follow, and then more will emulate and follow the followers
  • as a movement or community grows, it's more risky not to join in
  • it's all about the community, not you

What stands out for me in both of these videos, is the feeling of joy, it simply shines through.  People who start and lead communities need to have that belief, conviction and as a consequence that energy to gain traction and make 💩happen.