❤️Community Building ❤️

One of my current focuses that I've been meaning to do for years is get back into learning, reading, writing and making on the topic of community building.

Admittedly, I've learned loads over the years about community building. I ran a Girl Geek Dinner around 12 years ago, it was hugely popular at the time. I also helped start a coworking space which had an amazing community buzz (until I left). And then Ministry of Testing started its roots 12 years ago and has flourished into a global community I am proud to have founded.

I've lurked in communities for community building for quite a while and I'd really like to change that.

One thing that I've always found useful (and did for Ministry of Testing) was create a central resource of usefulness. Much of this involves taking a bit of time to get to know the landscape and set up processes that makes things easier to receive information.

I've essentially created this community resource for me, but at the same time I hope it will be useful to others. I'm not a coder and I love pulling together online tools and services to build useful things.

What I created: community.rosie.land:

  • it's no code
  • one page website built with Carrd
  • I used my logo from rosie.land and adapted it for this site/page
  • I searched out books, podcasts, events and websites
  • I've searched out rss feeds for podcasts, blogs and websites and I combined them into one rss feed (I use an internal tool we built at Ministry of Testing, but there are tools available that can do this).
  • I also have a Flipboard rss feed fed in, so when I see something relevant I can just flip it and it gets added into the overall feed
  • I use the combined rss feed to create a weekly automated email with Mailchimp
  • I will keep researching and adding RSS feeds as I find them, over time it should become really useful, relevant and non-bias place to discover community news.

The point of collecting RSS feeds and using Flipboard's RSS is that Mailchimp will create a single email at a scheduled time every week. It will automatically display the latest posts. That means it's semi-curated. I could do more to curate it, if I had more time, but for now it is good enough for me.

I like not over curating it as it gives everyone in the community a chance to be seen and heard, we can let people judge for themselves if they want to click. Of course, it runs the risk of becoming 'too' much information. However, as an MVP, it works well. I'm already scheming up plans to improve it, I just can't do it straight away.

Check it out in action - https://community.rosie.land/