Community Coaching

Or as I lovingly call it, Lurk as a Service.

Community building is hard and there are so many reasons why.

Partly it's unrealistic expectations.

Another part is a lack of understanding of what community is, or what it can lead to.

And then there is the whole angle of whether community is delivering any value. Are you? And how do you know? Are you sure?

There is also huge waste and energy often directed in the wrong direction. We end up confusing engagement with success, when we should be looking at the overall picture.

Just like most businesses fail, even more communities fail due to lack of awareness that most communities really need to be run like a business.

It can be frustrating not making progress, but the first step is understanding. And that has been my job here at Rosieland. To help more people understand.

In my 15 years of building, researching and writing about community I have seen things you won't believe! I've founded my own community and 'mother-led' it to 7 figures.

Five years since stepping back, it is still going strong AND I still (co)own it.

I led community at Indie Hackers for two years and got heart filled farewell.

I've worked at startups. Coached and advised companies, both small and large, not only on community strategy but on community thinking and community product design.

My insights not only come from years of working in the industry, but also from my deep writing that I felt I had no choice to create because no one else seemed to talking about it.

This has included:

And so much more.

Work with me

My brain does not switch off from community and I believe in being active and hands-on in our community industry.

I learn from being in community with community people.

I learn from reading, writing and researching.

And I learn from working with people through their current challenges.

I'm all about learning and helping companies through Community Coaching. I'm not here to do the work for you. I'm here to help you think through what you need to do, to help you spot opportunities or prevent (as much as possible) failures.

Packages are customisable but generally include:

  • A choice of one or two sessions per month
  • Unlimited async support via Slack
  • I can review, edit and support any community project you are working on

Pricing starts at $1500 per month.

🌈 Get in contact if it is of interest.

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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