❤️Community Building ❤️

I'm overwhelmed and stressed, but also excited about the new pandemic reality we are all currently living in.  I'm mostly excited because people are re-thinking and getting creative about how to use technology to make things happen.

There are no longer excuses for not making things happen.

One of the things that has popped up on my radar are Podclubs, or podcast clubs - which are basically like bookclubs, but for podcasts.

I had never heard of a Podcast Club until it was suggested as an idea to do one for indie hackers over Twitter.  I challenged Sten to make one happen, he did and I attended!

A quick Google shows this is not a new idea, but it is one that caught my attention.

The concept of a bookclub has never really enticed me, I think mostly because it is a big ask to commit to reading a specific book at a specific time.  I just personally fail at this every single time.

However, the idea of discussing one specific podcast episode is so achievable.  It shouldn't take more than an hour of your time and you can probably listen to it whilst doing something else - going on a walk or run, or maybe whilst you are doing some daily chores.  Even if you are not fully focused on listening to it, it is not a big ask.

I joined in the PodClub #1 that Sten organised, here are some thoughts about the idea overall from a community building perspective:

  • podcasts are not too overwhelming
  • a small online facilitated call is not too overwhelming
  • it is a learning opportunity for all
  • having a focused topic of discussion is a great way to entice people in
  • in this case you can pick and choose what you want to listen and attend
  • it's useful to have someone to write up notes afterwards, Sten did a great job of this
  • it's an opportunity to open up your eyes to different perspectives
  • it can be a great way to slowly get to know and build up relationships with other people
  • we had our call on Zoom, but any voice or video chat will do.

For me personally, it has made me (re)think what online videos and chat sessions can achieve.  The technology is not new, but humanity is now being forced to see how it can help bring us together.  We have no choice now. And as a result we are gathering in new, more and wonderful ways.