March 06, 2021

Building community and Rosieland in public

Rosie Sherry
πŸŽ‰ I'm starting a new journey with Rosieland.Β  And I'm community building in public. I'm not sure what I'll share, or what will be open, or semi-open, I'm going to figure out a strategy and how I feel about it over time.

The goal is to a community digital garden for community builders. What a community digital garden could or should like is very much still up for discussion.

For now, it is a minimalist forum and where the focus is on sharing and organizing information in a useful and long-term view. The goal is to not have lots and lots of posts, it is more about sharing the information that matters, to create a habit of actively sharing 'things' and build up a comprehensive and useful resource over time.

We have custom built it, which comes with its challenges. It has taken us longer to launch, there are many features lacking (and coming soon), but as the first stage of makin' progress, we've pushed what we have live.

We have:
  • moved all the content (articles and weekly curated newsletters) over from Substack
  • rosie-sourced many (but not all) of the articles we previously published via my newsletter
  • moved all the paid subscribers from my Rosieland newsletter over (need to actually follow that up to see who got the message, or not)
  • luckily we were able to work with Stripe to transfer over the paid subscribers from Substack without them having to re-enter any payment details
  • all posts in the community default to private, but each post can be made public. The post you are reading now is a public post. I'm trying to find a better balance of mixing in content that is open and behind a wall.

What's coming very soon:
  • notifications πŸ™ˆ
  • figuring out an email strategy, from a tooling perspective, but also as an overall communication perspective, I think a mix of Postmark and Convertkit
  • bug fixes that magically appear as this space gets used
  • design tweaks

How the Rosieland community exists now:
  • the community exists outside of this forum too
  • we've been building on our Twitter presence
  • I have a Rosieland newsletter I cross post to (inconsistently right now) on LinkedIn too
  • we are hosting a community building course being sold through Gumroad, and then using Slack and Notion.
  • Setting up Converkit and how or what should be emailed out, to free (1500) and paid (110) members

All of the above people are part of the Rosieland ecosystem, so I'm setting up with to connect with all these data points to give me a better overview of the whole community. Maximum ❀️for Rosie, hah.

πŸ™πŸ½ Thanks for reading.

—Rosie Sherry
  • Can't wait to see your next moves ;-) I definitly should try Orbit, seems so powerfull.

    durandchabert · 11 months ago (edited)