Community Tools: Twitter Blue

Testing out Twitter Blue as a Community Tool

Initially what got me to pull the trigger on Twitter blue is the Bookmarks folders (I know, I know — out of all things, that was it?)

But I am excited about what other features Twitter Blue has as well. Join me as I break down Twitter Blue + the differences I'm noticing and how I could see it being used for community.

According to Twitter:

We’re exploring ways to make the Twitter experience next level—and Twitter Blue is just the beginning. This opt-in, paid monthly subscription offers exclusive access to premium features that let you customize your Twitter experience.
about Twitter Blue

But it also looks like Twitter has made Twitter Blue their Beta program, too:

Labs offers Twitter Blue subscribers early access to features we’re testing before they’re available to everyone! Features in Labs change over time. Some may be removed, become available to all Twitter accounts, or released for subscribers only. Check your settings often to see what's new.

about Twitter Blue Labs

One thing that I'm also noticing — is that Twitter Blue isn't ad-free, which means they're possibly building more in this area.

Twitter Blue is a completely opt-in experience, and these initial features were designed for a specific segment of engaged users. Ultimately our goal is to provide enough value through premium features that people feel that it is worth paying for.

For now, there’s a cost of operation for creating even more layers to the Twitter experience. We want to keep it reasonably priced and make sure you see value in the features that are being delivered. There may be a bit of a learning process here, and we will be monitoring for feedback.
about Twitter Blue

A list of things I'm noticing

I now have a top articles button on the side panel of the screen.

Clicking on this shows not only what conversations the people I follow are sharing but also the conversations around it.

Conversations lend itself to community

Honestly — one of my gripes with Twitter and most other social networks as a community tool is a lack of nuance.  It's a case of "my way or the highway" and I'm not about that.

A focus on conversations and nuance actually allows us to bridge much of the hate and frustration online and actually create a better future rather than just yell into the void about creating a better universe.

Are you using Twitter Blue? What do you like about it?

Let me know!

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