Tis the season β€” for more thoughtful thanks

While I spent most this past weekend at home, the quick trips out of the house I made came partnered with seeing seasonal shoppers + thanks.

I dropped in a local store known for curating local artists' goods to pick up a card for a friend and was bombarded. Articles on how to build the "right" messages, and how to say a sentiment best were curated.

Lists of people that you should pick up a card for next to tchotchkes of all types, mugs with sayings, magnets, and pins, it's all very so... cute.

It got me thinking β€” in this time of thanks and reflection on the year, how do we thank those who brought us together when we needed it most.
Here's my shortlist.

For the person who plans without you lifting a finger.

Wow, you're really lucky! (are they looking for a job?) But also β€” wow, what would happen if they took time away from the computer?

If they’re not already planning their exit β€” reward them with a day off, and you take charge of the plans for once. Β And not in a β€œhere I took care of the plans and now the world is on fire” sort of way, or making the other woman in your office making plans, actually do the work.

And next time, when they come back from their (well-deserved) vacation with nothing on fire β€” go ahead, get involved. Lift a finger or at least pass the AmEx β€” let them get them something nice for themselves.

For the person who always brings the fun!

Putting on an event is one thing β€” making it a fun, engaging, explorative event is a whole other thing. Especially in the world of 2021 where everyone has decided that events are the norm.

But holy β€” who allows the person who brings the fun to have fun? It’s hard being the forever comedic, shining star. It can feel like a dog performing on command.

May we recommend getting a personality, telling a joke, or letting loose a bit. Or at least promising to laugh at all their jokes. Every hero needs a sidekick.

For the person who somehow manages to cause havoc to even the best-laid plains

There’s always that ONE person. The one person who while even you may have had the best-laid plans… unfortunately likes to stir the pot.

And as an events person β€” well let me tell you, you sure do bring an air of excitement to the party. But that maybe isn’t quite what you’re looking for in the larger scheme of things.

So may I recommend a good book, maybe a yoga class, learn to meditate? Whatever it takes for you to get out of my hair, Jim. (and to the person who’s best-laid plans are getting foiled β€” well, may I recommend a strong drink?)

For the person who creates a zoom webinar and calls it done.

I heard a card is nice

In all seriousness β€” give your entire community team (even you Jim!) a big thanks at the end of the year. Β It takes a lot to make things happen, go ahead, give them a big thank you!

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