February 21, 2021

What's your community's origin story?

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Ali Zucker
Every community has an origin story -- a reason why it all started, a reason you decided to bring your people together. And that story can be an effective way to help attract new members.

In the Get Together book, they recommend using a framework from Marshall Ganz, a Harvard professor, called the "public narrative framework", which communicates 3 key concepts: 

  • 1. Tell the story of self that shows "why you were called to what you have been called to"
  • 2. Tell the story of us that shows the “shared purposes, goals, vision” of a community. This is also your community's purpose.
  • 3. Tell the story of now that "invites people to join you in taking hopeful action on the pressing challenge".

—Ali Zucker
  • I think there is an opportunity to condense that down into a one page cheatsheet, watcha think?

    rosiesherry · 3 months ago
    • Definitely! I'll work on it :)

      ali · 2 months ago