May 03, 2021

What vocabulary do you use for your own habits, routines, rituals, etc?

Ali Zucker
What vocabulary do you use for habits, behavior, systems, etc? 

I'm still trying to find the vocabulary that "fits" for me, but so far:
  • I'm thinking of "habits" as the automatic showing up 
  • Then once I've shown up, I'm TRYING to cultivate rituals before I begin....
  • The practice/action
—Ali Zucker
  • I'm not sure how to answer this one.

    I'm kind of thinking that it's 'the way I live', or 'the way I am', or 'the rosie way'.

    Are habits a mindset of always be improving, more than they are actual habits? 🤔

    rosiesherry · about 2 months ago