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I noted some reactions recently to the idea that people were working over the weekend. Immediately people jumped up to state the weekend isn't for working, we have to take care of ourselves, spend time with family, looking after our mental health…and so on.

But here's the thing, those comments were made without understanding.

Of course I fully believe in living a balanced life. Health, fitness, enjoyment. But if I'm working over the weekend (which I often, but not always do on personal or real projects), it does not mean that I work 7 days a week. It does not mean I'm overworked. Or stressed. Or unhealthy. Or depressed.

Often it means I take time off during the week. Either mostly full days off or some really short days. For me this is usually so I can attend to family or home education stuff or do some exercise. And I actually prefer to do things with the family during the week because things are much less busy. I'm not a big fan of crowds and neither are my kids.

For example, yesterday I worked 10 hours. Because today I know I can't fit in the ideal 7 hours I aim for. I still managed to spend time with my kids and do a workout.

The absolute beauty of the 'indie hacking lifestyle' is that we can define our own way of living, what works for us right now. We can change as our life and needs change. It's incredibly powerful to have that freedom and I keep pinching myself that we can live like this. It's amazing!

Instead of judging, or making remarks. Seek to understand or even better, look out for people who appear to be struggling.