❤️Community Building ❤️

I'm taking the mindset of starting over.  A kind of new start. Though apart from writing here consistently I don't (really) have any big plans.

Writing has been on my wish list for so long and it keeps getting brushed aside as other things take priority.  I hope now is the time this will change.

The world has changed so much, so quickly.  Whatever is an option today, wasn't an option when I started building or doing my other stuff.

It was roughly 13 years ago now since I started what is now Ministry of Testing.  It feels like yesterday and a life time at the same time.

It's evolved into something amazing, but also I acknowledge a few years back that it wasn't the company that I wanted to run.  I set out on a slow journey to do my best to keep it alive and going without me.

To be honest, in selfish hindsight, it would've (probably) been easier just to sell it earlier on.  Often I wish I had done that, mostly to give me the benefit for truly freeing up my mind and time.

But life is full of wishes. It is too easy to see how you could have done things differently in hindsight. Things are what they are. And I'm super happy with what it has become. It is now mostly running without me, for that I'm grateful.  I'm still a majority owner. And it provides me an income. 🙏 The team is also doing great stuff and I believe it will all work out longer term.

I believe I've done the right thing. Even if it has been tough at times, I know I can always look back and say I tried my best to do something good.

Yet "I just have one life" keeps spinning around in my head.  I'm doing the best to live my life with that in mind.

For now I'm trying to start over with new view and mindset of what I'd like my future to be, roughly this means:

  • being free from the tyranny of being an employer - I'm not setting out to create a company. I just want to make publish and make a bit of a side income.  Perhaps in time I will re-discover some energy to start an actual other business, for now I'm focusing in on making an income primarily from Rosie.land and contracting/consulting. [Yes, I know I own a business with employees.  But this is more of a mindset for future things.]
  • I would say being free from the tryanny of being an employee, BUT I'm a full time contractor at Indie Hackers (Stripe). I'm not an official employee, but I am trading my time for money. I'm really enjoying the work I do for Indie Hackers, and I think as long as that feeling continues and they continue to want me, then I'll be sticking around. :)
  • working 100% remotely and not feeling like I have to rush to my laptop first thing in the morning.  I've been working remotely for years, though I've not been great at rushing to my laptop any chance I get. With unschooling my kids I have challenges as my two youngest stop going to nursery (one later this year and my other in a couple years or so), I have to figure out a whole new way of living, working and educating them. It's tough and mind boggling at times.
  • my focus is community building with a nice hint of indie hacking - this is my niche. I want to explore it more and in a deeper way.  I need to find a better term for it and also just develop a clearer picture of what I want to get out of it.
  • I'm also super interested in education from an unschooling perspective, one day I'll do something around that!
  • Creating deeper, relevant and better connections - I want to help people. Make friends. Meet people.  This probably means more to me than most things.
  • Focus on creating value - and trust everything else will fall into place.