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I became aware of the 1000 Day Rule on the Indie Hacker Podcast with Tommy Griffith . In the podcast he basically says that often it takes 1000 days to replace your income.

So I looked it up. On TropicalMBA it says -

The 1000 Day Rule: Our basic hypothesis: you’ll be doing worse than you were at your job for 1000 days after you start your muse business.

There's a bullet point list in the article above of the different stages of the 1000 days, which I thought was interesting. Yes the post is a bit old. Yes it often refers to the marketing/ebook/affiliate type stuff, but the bullet point journey list is not far off what I experienced.

I then remembered that I posted the revenue from Ministry of Testing, and it was in year 3 of proper business building that it actually replaced by proper income. Interesting :)

Obviously, this won't necessarily apply to everyone, but as a general guidance for indie hackers I think it is useful to be aware of. I often see frustrated indie hackers who are new on their journey. where they aren't see results straightaway and give up hope a bit too easily.