❤️Community Building ❤️

It's easy to get carried away with the amazing tools that are available and jump into building an amazing business.  Especially with the NoCode options that are available these days.

It's not too hard to put something that is good enough together.  There is always a learning curve, but the ability to build something is certainly within reach for more people now than ever.

It's easy to go to a website or view an app and think you can build that. What you see on the outside (the website) is usually far different from what has gone on in the inside (the business, tech, process, grit, determination, marketing, growth, etc).

I have seen far too many websites that look pretty yet they don't convert.  There is no point building something if you have no (potential) customers.

I say this because I often stumble upon comments (usually tweets) saying how [a certain demographic] should use [a certain approach] to quickly make [millions].

For example: high school students should learn no code tools to quickly make 6 or 7 figure incomes.

In reality this is not new, but when it comes across in a tweet in can be attractive and easily believed.  Years ago I would come across this in sleazy type marketing websites with epic long sales pages.

Perhaps I'm too pessimistic or ethical in my nature, but I think it's unfair to dangle carrots in front of people's eyes like this.  The reality is most people are not making a million, let alone $1000.

Coming up with an idea that makes money is often hard, but even harder comes the whole aspect of how to build a system to make a business work.

Things like:

  • accounts
  • taxes
  • sales
  • communications
  • marketing
  • product development
  • customer support
  • hiring
  • business processes
  • time management
  • well being
  • figuring out who you are as a person

I love the ability to build things quickly. It helps me visualise and see where I can take things.  The quickly building part is only the skeleton that helps hold things together.

However, it is not the latest tool fad that brings success, it is the ability to choose the right problem to work on that really makes the difference.