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100% Pure Organic Goodness Growth

At Ministry of Testing we've been posting to our LinkedIn page pretty consistently since late 2018. Often we don't pay too much attention to the stats of what we do on a day to day basis. If people respond, share or click on it enough then that gives us enough incentive to keep going with what we are doing

I had a look at our stats recently and I realised we went from virtually zero to almost 18k followers on our LinkedIn page. I thought, this is interesting and I had a little dig around.

Note: we never pay to promote our updates.

So, we're pretty active on Twitter. We post links to our content, events and what not. But this year we've also put an emphasis on just engaging with the community. We ask them open ended questions. Polls. Experimented with threads. And gifs. All the things!

Some of our audience are on Twitter. Some are on LinkedIn. And as our community mostly consists of software testers, a professional career path, it makes sense that many of them hang out on LinkedIn.

We don't really plan things in advance. We take cues from the community, our forum, our Slack, ideas pop into our heads and we give things a shot. Some of it is good fun and it really encourages people to participate in a low key way.

381 Comments on LinkedIn, compared to 745 on Twitter.

Our best performing posts were when we asked people to 'Write a sad test story' on Twitter, it was pretty epic with 745 comments! We posted the same question to LinkedIn and it worked a treat too with 381. Not quite as good as Twitter, but it was still pretty epic and so fun to read all the responses.

The general, but not completely strict rule we have at the moment is if we post something to Twitter then does it make sense to post it to LinkedIn? There's really no rocket science behind it apart from actually doing it. Yes sometimes we forget, or sometimes it doesn't feel right and we don't bother. But the key in general is to just actually do it.

The best thing about it is that we don't have to create some extra fancy social media plan around it. We just need to remember to be ourselves on Twitter and copy it over. It's nice when things are easy.

I believe the key to our boosted our growth is because we are looking to engage, rather than just post links to our website. A vast majority of our posts don't have links. LinkedIn seems to like this a lot, I'm sure Twitter likes it too.

I know many turn their noses up at using LinkedIn as a channel for marketing. I understand why. It's not always fun. The amount of sales spam is often annoying. The posts some people make are really lame and borderline ethical. LinkedIn is also ridden with bugs.

It's annoyed me many times over the years, but it has consistently been in our top traffic sources. I can't turn away from that!