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There are many wonderful things about the principles of indie hacking.  Personally I feel that  fundamentally most people who are attracted to the indie lifestyle are primarily driven towards the freedom that it can provide.

Freedom could mean different things for different people.  If I try to dive into all of the meanings, then I'll never get this published.  

With that in mind, examples of freedom that is important to me:

  • express and take action on my ideas
  • experiment with ideas and markets
  • make money in different ways
  • make enough money and free myself up to make an impact elsewhere
  • make my own decisions about what and how I want to learn
  • my work duties should fit around my family commitments

So, thinking about Sahil's tweet and using it as a source of inspiration, it got me thinking that when we approach indie hacking, it might be wise to think of it as owning things that can produce an income.  

What are the things that you can own that will help bring you that freedom?

  • Your own business/product
  • Equity
  • Revenue or profit shares
  • Shares in a public company
  • IP - copyrights, words, patents, data
  • Real estate
  • An audience
  • Time

As an indie hacker you can think about all of these things as options to help you create an independent life. Not all at once though, that would probably be stressful, stupid and to be honest probably impossible.

However, as a list, or a guideline, it's useful to keep an open mind and think about the variety of options that are available.  I think it also reduces the pressure that many indie hackers put themselves under to make a product succeed.

Of course it's great to make a positive income from your own business, but it's also great to spend any money you do make on good investments that will help you be free longer term.  

The world is not static, just look back at what the world was like 10-20 years ago.  It's nothing like today.  You can't expect your independent indie project to last a lifetime. It could. Or you could sell it for a life changing amount of money.  Either way, it still makes sense to get better at learning what to do with any money you do make and plan for a fruitful and less stressful future.