October 04, 2021

CGC (Community Generated Content) is the new UGC (User Generated Content)

topics: strategy content
Rosie Sherry
I'm just laying this here as a concept, it's a rough idea at the moment that I may expand on in the future.

Just to be clear, I don't really thing UGC is dead. I do think we should make space for CGC.

Also, another name for this could be CCC โ€” Community Generated Content.

What is even the difference between UGC and CGC?

Aren't users community members? Sometimes they can be. Other times they are not.

  • Users are not necessarily community members
  • Users don't always have the intention to contribute to community
  • User-generated content, I guess, is mostly created as an individual piece of content
  • Users can sometimes be bots

And I'm sure I'm missing some other angles too.

However, if we think of Community Generated Content, I feel the core difference is that it is created with community intentions in mind.ย  Perhaps it's not so much who creates the content, but the intentions behind the content that gets created.

CGC has the potential or opportunity for the content to become more. A collaboration. A paid gig. A speaking opportunity. Or maybe aย  share of the revenue.

This might mean things like:
  • seeking ways to take the content further: something that is seeded as a comment could be encouraged to turn into an article, to a podcast, to an AMA
  • engaging and growing in meaningful discussions
  • to intentionally create conversations and content with the view to create it into something else, together
  • seeking great content ideas that could become the foundations of a podcast or speaking gig.

Admittedly, it's late, and I need clearer thinking on this. Consider this a start.

—Rosie Sherry