Building Communities. Indie Hacking. The Rosie Way.

Introverts and Events

I find it almost hilarious that as such an introvert I ended up creating a business that largely connects people physically at events.

Ethics in Community Building

FrontPorchForum is a community for locals in the Vermont area. I've been intrigued and inspired by FrontPorchForum since I read The Verge article on them a while back. There's also a podcast from Community Signal with Michael Wood-Lewis, the co-founder of FrontPorchForum. It's worth a listen!

Don't Follow Me

I often think about and get asked who I look up to or who has inspired me. It's a question I struggle to answer.

The Treat LinkedIn like Twitter Approach to LinkedIn Growth

At Ministry of Testing we've been posting to our LinkedIn page pretty consistently since late 2018. Often we don't pay too much attention to the stats of what we do on a day to day basis. If people respond, share or click on it enough then that gives us enough incentive to keep going with what we are doing

Notion Templates for 30 Days of Growth

Over at Indie Hackers we're doing a 30 Days of Growth Challenge. It's a great and open way for people to come together and share how and what they are doing.

😱 Sometimes I work on the weekend

I noted some reactions recently to the idea that people were working over the weekend. Immediately people jumped up to state the weekend isn't for working, we have to take care of ourselves, spend time with family, looking after our mental health…and so on.

The Master Puppeteer Model of Building a Business

I have my ways of doing things and a few months back it got framed in a nice way (thanks Simon!) in relation to my work at Ministry of Testing. In hindsight, I also realise it is just the way I like to do things.

Bootstrapping Whilst Home Educating 5 Kids

Don't try this at home! I founded my company when I had 2 kids. I did not intend for it to grow as it has over the years (7 figures & 10 staff) and I now have 5 kids, for added craziness - we home educate them. I'm not going to paint it as a 'glorious' thing. Many people look on in admiration and expect our life to be wonderful. It is, in many ways. However, often days are hard. I literally never have a spare moment and I burnt out along the way.

Blogging With Tools Made By Indie Hackers

I've become increasingly uncomfortable with defaulting too easily to the online tools that we always use, ones that aren't great with your data and where ethical boundaries are crossed. As I start to focus on building a new 'website' I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to change my approach as I focus on a bit of a refresh and reboot of things in my life.