Web 2 community profits do not all go to the founders

In Web 2, the profit of well-run communities does not go to the owners, it is distributed with care and commitment.

For Web 3 to say that profit in Web 2 communities goes 100% to owners is inaccurate.

Of course, it is possible for founders to take all the profit, but not for communities that truly care about their vision.

The real communities that thrive are the ones that care, the ones that hire and pay the people they work with, the ones that give huge sacrifices for the good of the community.

Typically, but not always, this means having great servant leadership.
Great community leaders reinvest their profits to keep their community alive, to support their people, to uplift all those around them, no matter what their current life status is.

This is not an anti Web 3 post, I'm curious to dive into that world soon at some point.

This is more about showing that the current Web 2 world can build great communities too, should we choose to.

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