🧹 Some things you can tidy up in your community

Community debt is real. It is where you prioritize community activities that will later impact the community experience in the future in a negative way. Generally speaking, it prioritizes community scale over quality of growth.
To reduce community debt think about the things you can proactively tidy up. Here are some ideas.

  • members
  • events
  • email lists
  • conversations
  • content
  • channels
  • processes
  • automation
  • values
  • community activities
  • onboarding
  • leaving/graduation
  • staff Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
  • tools
  • data
  • KPIs / metrics
  • volunteers
  • landing/marketing pages
  • rules & coc

What else?

πŸ™ Inspired by a Twitter Space that Erin, Sara and I hosted Β on the topic of tidying up your community.

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