12 ways I'm thinking about community right now

My thinking and feelings about community are constantly changing, as they should. The market has changed. The world is changing. Our approaches need to change too.

Here are my top of mind thoughts right now.

1️⃣ I shrug at "what community is"

This doesn't mean it's not important, just not important for me in my context right now. A clearer definition doesn't help me a built a better community, exploring new thinking and boundaries do.

I feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction and incompleteness every time I think about community definitions. Community isn't changing, but it is changing. I'm trying to think and maintain an open mind to what makes good community.

Saying that, here some attempts at community definitions that are worth looking at.

2️⃣ Community is Care

Awkwardly, after expressing my distaste for definitions, one way I am edging towards explaining community is that it is 'care'. Community is care, I'm not sure you can have community without some form of care.

An audience can turn into a community if it is treated with care. Without the care, it won’t.

The three core focuses I came up with for community is care were:

  • people: we have to care and give a damn for the people we aim to serve
  • alignment: we have to care for what we are aligned with, often people refer this as their community or business ‘vision’
  • ecosystem: we have to support and care for the ecosystem we are a part of

I'm still mulling over this one, I might change my mind later. 🙂

3️⃣ Community work is multidisciplinary

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