A Curated Guide to Community Code of Conducts

🌈 A Notion resource of Code of Conducts to inspire you to create your own.
A Curated Guide to Community Code of Conducts

🌈 This has been made with ❀️ by Rosie Sherry and Edmund Amoye.

Community Code of Conducts communicate the shared values, behaviours, rules, and guidelines that we hope to achieve within our communities.

Having access to community examples can help us refine and inspire our own work. However, finding and researching such examples is time-consuming. This is where a curated resource comes in handy.

We've curated a resource of Community Code of Conducts. This means we’ve gone hunting for Code of Conducts across the web and put them in one location.

We also included a separate list of Code of Conduct resources to guide your efforts.

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