Community Business Models - A Guide to Community Memberships

A deep 5000 word guide to building a community membership.
Community Business Models - A Guide to Community Memberships

πŸ—Ί Let us go exploring community membership!

This 5,000 word guide aims to dive deeper into each of the 10 Community Business Models.

Here we specifically go deep into community memberships, we cover:

  • Defining community membership
  • Internal and external views of community membership
  • How community activities impact membership
  • How we can consider designing for emergent community
  • Considering community data to assist community design
  • Different membership pricing structures
  • The three types of community membership: free, paid and freemium
  • How to price and structure payments
  • An overview of tools that can be used
  • And a whole bunch of real life examples of existing community memberships

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