The relationships you have — boundaries as community builders

Do you ever feel, just.... tired? And you want to be an introvert and not talk to anyone?

(wow, you're being a bit melodramatic Erin, chill)

But seriously? How do we think fo these moments, especially when you're in a role or day-to-day job where it requires you to be social and to be present.  As I've been thinking more and more about the Community Creator Economy, I can't but help wonder how exhausted some creators must feel.

And its no secret — these folks are throwing themselves in the public eye for a living, building relationships with fans and their audience members, maybe even their own community, for what?

Maybe it's time we think about our own boundaries as community builders and what it means for the future of the industry.

This comes to mind when I'm reading this article, and building relationships online, something I do as part of my 'day job' in community, but can't really seem to turn it off.  It's not like I'm living a 9-5, i'm maintaining relationships outside of that as well.

Reading this article really hit me, on the concept of the parasocial relationships for creators this disappearing line behind followers and friends — and what that means for the long run.

The article goes onto mention — the youtube drama, the gamergates, all of the various incidences that we watch online.  And If I'm being honest, I'm guilty too.  I've shared a tweet and wondered what happens next, I've been captivated by youtube drama — but this leads me to wonder — how am I setting up boundaries in my own life to make sure that I have mental health as an online person?

I don't post very personal things.

Certain things won't ever reach the timeline.

And that's okay.

How do you define your boundaries with the online world?  How do you set these up for the future?

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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