Workshop - How to talk about community building

Workshop - How to talk about community building
What does community building actually mean in our world today? And how can we get better at talking about what we do?

Community looks different for everyone, and I have personally struggled along the way to find good words to explain what we do and the value we bring.

At Rosieland we're working towards creating a free and open source foundational community building curriculum and course.

โ€‹Our first task is to co-create content around foundational concepts of community building.

โ€‹To do this, we will host 3 collaborative workshops where we hope to map and write down what we all think could or should be included within the first 3 core areas of the curriculum.

The first event will explore how to talk about community building. We'd love to hear stories and brainstorm ideas with community builders. We value all perspectives, we are all building very different communities with different challenges and needs.

โ€‹You can participate by attending live and online, or by contributing to the async forum posts.

The Community Building Garden

We research, study and share what community building means for humanity today


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