Communities of Practice as a perfect place to grow and learn

I'm a slow thinker and this is a big reason why I believe Communities of Practice are perfect to grow and learn β€” there are often options to join in and contribute at varying intervals and commitment.

It's the only way that has ever worked for me.

I can:

  • dip in and out
  • pick and choose what is of interest
  • choose the format that best suits me
  • go back and reference info on my own terms
  • have conversations to help clarify
  • create my own timeframe

Taking it slow means:

  • I can build up my network over time
  • there is no immediate rush
  • I can find people to support me β€” mentors, friends, experts, consultants
  • I focus on learning what I need right now

Good Communities of Practices provide variety, everyone:

  • has the potential to learn
  • can be a teacher
  • has the opportunity to bring new ideas and experiences to the table
  • can help the community grow

Communities of Practices invest for the long term:

  • they should seek to become sustainable
  • they seek co-creation
  • people & companies should seek to support them, financially and otherwise
  • they do what is best for the industry, not what is best for their personal agendas

Communities of Practice, done well, are game-changers.

They cater for all co-creation, learning, and relationship styles.

They don't bucket people into one style.

They accept that people are amazing and diverse, and together, for the long term, we are all better.

They understand that access to a forum could easily provide as much value as a cohort course.

More authentically good communities of practices should exist in this world.

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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