The Community Algorithm

The algorithm's are everywhere. Most notably in search engines and social networks. We have become accustomed to them and adapt how we behave based on them.

In the context of community, I've often felt deflated by it all. The games we play. The metrics we feel forced to track and raise to please the rest of the business. The behaviours we change to adhere to them. The work we end up doing to please them over making real progress.

It does make me wonder whether the algorithms are serving us, or are we serving them?

From one perspective, algorithm's are defining our behaviour. And from another perspective, algorithm's can define who we are as a community and business.

However, maybe what we need to do is re-think the meaning of the algorithm in the context of community. The focus on algorithms on the web and in social networks is something of more importance than in our smaller and niche communities.

The Community Building Garden

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