Exploring Obsidian as a community knowledge management tool

I'm a bit of an avid reader and have been told I have divergent interests more than once in my life – and I've always struggled with how to log and categorize the sort of various interests that I have and what I'm learning on all of them.

I've kept a reading log in notion, and also added notes in comments, I've built notion guides to learn about a topic and explore, and have attempted to use Rom, but it never stuck in my brain or personal habits.

Today β€” I started exploring Obsidian and really liked how it had a lot of open-source features and was built in markdown, and it had the possibility to embed it in another site and build a sort of a depth of thought into it all.

I'm going to start logging more and more of my notes and reading explorations in Obsidian and take it on for a project I'm thinking about at NYU this spring, but curious to know if anyone else has used it.

For a community tool β€” I could see it being used to develop a community web of learnings, it looks like multiple people can add to the same community web or learn along in progress.

I also could see it as part of an effective community education tool β€” as a way for the depth of knowledge to grow and individuals to reference back to as they learn.

Obsidian's open-source community nature

One appeal that I have towards Obsidian is how the community that is building it embraces many open source principles and ways of thinking. Β There is both a discord server and a forum to discuss and log support as well as plenty of basic scripts that layer on top of the product.

You can also embed the product in a site and add features on top of it, which seems pretty cool for someone like me who enjoys sharing what they're learning and thinking about how all the different things that I'm exploring come together.

Have you used Obsidian? What role does knowledge management play within your own community? How do you log your notes and community learnings?

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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