✨ I revamped the Rosieland Knowledgebase

🧹 I've been tidying a few things up and as part of this I've done a bit of work on the Rosieland Knowledgebase.

You can get access to it as a paid member via 'Knowledgebase' in the main navigation, it is password protected and I will likely change the password every so often.

I am always tweaking and adding to this. It has thousands of references within from 4 years of curating, my hope is that it will help you go down and discover new rabbit holes.

I have a bunch of new tags that I'm going to surface soon too, so keep an eye on all the topics on the main page.

I've put so much love into this, I hope you like it, find it useful and can refer to it at any point you may feel challenged in your community building journey.

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