When you're starting a community, really you are designing one.

Nov 3, 2021 1 min read

I had been thinking about what it means to design a community. Some people say community can't be designed. I disagree, though I do think it's a very different process than other design processes.

I think when we do design community a big part of it is in deciding upon what it is we do in community. I've definitely been very intentional with all my behaviour in community.  Choosing what to do, and what not to do.

Everything you do.
Every conversation you have.
Every idea you experiment with.
You are designing community.

The leadership choices you make.
The community model you decide upon.
The opportunities you seek out.
You are designing community.

Every person you connect with.
Or don't connect with.
You are designing community.

How you envision the community journey.
The paths you believe you can create, or not create.
You are designing community.

The principles you believe the community should hold.
The language you use.
The things you say, or don't say.
The encouragement you give, or not.
You are designing community.

The value you seek to create.
The people you invite.
The energy that is co-created.
You are designing community.

The opportunities you seek.
The direction you want to head in.
The choice of where to invest time, energy and money.
You are designing community.

🌈 Everything you do designs the community.
☁️ Designing community never stops
☀️ As it grows it becomes more complex.

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