Community Onboarding Essentials: Best practices for community onboarding success

Community Onboarding Essentials: Best practices for community onboarding success

In this event Gareth Wilson covered:

  • The essential elements of messaging that captivate and convince – Gareth will guide you through the art of creating compelling content that not only attracts signups but keeps them coming back for more.
  • Discovering the secrets of social proof – Uncover the types of social proof that transform casual observers into enthusiastic participants. Gareth will delve into the what and how of social proof so you can supercharge your conversion rates.
  • Turning signups into active members – Learn the actionable strategies to seamlessly transition signups into engaged and active contributors to your community. Gareth will share proven techniques to guide new members to contribution.

Gareth Wilson

Gareth is a community-led growth consultant, and author of the newsletter Community Inc. With 15 years in founding roles at community-based startups, from Glitch and CodeSandbox to Orbit, he has spent hundreds of hours studying the community-led strategies behind the fastest-growing companies. He shares his learnings through deep dives into the product communities that power them.

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