A guide to curation in community

A guide to curation in community

πŸ‘‹ Hello everyone. I'm Kourosh and I will be your guide in Rosieland today.

I've been thinking a lot about curation in community recently and I wanted to share thoughts about what it means.

What is community curation?

Not everything shared in your community is gold, but once you spot it, you need to store it. That’s community curation in a nutshell.

But community curation is not just about creating a resource for your members to access. It is an exercise that creates immense value for you and your members.

The value for members often feels clearβ€”the ability to access trusted and vetted information quickly. A source filled with hand-picked information. It could be tools. articles, directory, conversations, books, quotes or tips.

But for the community builder, the value lies in the act of curation. When we curate, we can't help but learn and understand the community we serve. This is more powerful than we give credit for.

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