LinkedIn Audio Spaces as a Community Strategy

This is a story about kickstarting LinkedIn audio spaces in Rosieland.

I'm sharing what I'm doing and how I'm thinking about it too. Of course, it can be applied to any "audio community activity". In fact, the fundamental decision making principles could be applied to any community strategy.

Hello, I'm Rosie Sherry and I love audio spaces

Everyone has their preference of how to consume and create content. Outside of writing, audio spaces happen to be my favourite for a variety of reasons.

  • they're super easy to set up
  • it's a great way for people to contribute their ideas in a rough form (instead of procrastinating for weeks on an article that may never be shipped)
  • they don't have to be recorded, which means we can relax a bit and not think about production details πŸ˜…
  • people in the audience can join in (though tread with caution!)
  • having no more than 5 bullet points of ideas and questions is usually enough for a one-hour session
  • I don't have to worry about my hair πŸ˜„

But really, the best thing about audio spaces is the ability to give members a voice. This is more valuable than we realise.

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