Exploring scenius

Are we all a product of our communal efforts?

I stumbled across the concept of scenius a while back and I've used it as an excuse to go exploring. This post is more about sharing what I've found. It's links. Snippets. YouTube videos. And Tweets. It's here to help you explore, theorize and think for yourself.

🐰 I love going down rabbit holes, and whilst I have consumed what I am sharing, it will take me more time to develop opinions on the concept of scenius. It's also interesting to see where or how it can fit within community as a whole.

My main takeaway at this point in time is that scenius is what can emerge as a result of community building. Whether people realise they are building community or not is irrelevant.

Scenius does not happen without community and it shows amazing things can happen as a result of people coming together. We can't guarantee it, but it is possible.

The visible outcome is the 'genius', but we wouldn't achieve things without the scenius. It's important that we recognise, give credit and explore better ways of what goes on behind the scene.

This also gets me thinking that if scenius arises from community, then what else can we identify that arises as a result of people coming together?

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