Host > Hero

The world is incredibly influencer-y.

It seems we all want attention, it gives us visible data and sometimes visible results. Attention seems to equal success.

And this is how community building essentially differs from becoming a hero. Or becoming an influencer.

Heroes save people. Community builders should not seek to be heroes.

Community builders are hosts. They bring people together. To hold the conversations that lead to action.

There is a challenge these days, often community builders start as heroes and find their place in community.

Sometimes these heroes try to build community, fail and realise the community role is not for them (and that is ok).

Some heroes are also community builders. Though this is often dangerous.

I've spent time being the community person. I feel people now look at me as both a hero and community builder. It's a hard and tiring act, finding focus and balancing the two. ❤️

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