How Femke built a design community around her expertise

How Femke built a design community around her expertise

Welcome to our new Rosieland Community Interview series. We sat down with Femke, a product designer, educator, mentor and founder of the community, to learn how she used her expertise to build community. is a community of 200+ designers focused on growth and personal development in the design world. We dive into how Femke found herself in community, what it takes to run the community and lessons to share with future community professionals.

Getting to know the founder, Femke

What’s your background and how you found yourself in community

I’m a product designer working in tech that’s been teaching design on the side of my full-time career for the last seven years. I began by sharing my knowledge through blogging and podcasting, before eventually moving towards an email newsletter and YouTube channel. Now I run a 200+ community of designers offering live events and coaching.

The Community Building Garden

We research, study and share what community building means for humanity today


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