The need for new frameworks, models and ways of thinking

There are some things I believe with conviction. And this is one of them.

It is what drives me every day in my community work β€” we need change. New ways of thinking. New models. New frameworks. New experiments. New businesses. New software. New ways of relationship building.

We need them not because the stuff from the past was wrong. It's more that all that was more suited to just that, the past. We can all too easily fall into the trap of thinking that we can't truly have anything better to give. Everyone else has already done a better job. That we are just a cog in the machine. That we sit and think and nothing comes of it.

Or we can understand that all frameworks have (probably!) come from a place of consideration, deep thought and desire for change. I believe we need this for the community world. This is what gets me up every day, thinking, edging, inching moving forward in whatever way we can.

The community world is desperate for it. We can't build communities like we use to. Sure, there are some things that will always ring true, but we need to find new ways. We have to innovate.

I don't have answers, and neither should you expect any overnight, however, I will encourage you to:

  • explore
  • read
  • share
  • comment
  • write
  • create
  • collaborate
  • discuss
  • debate
  • be vulnerable

Put out your shitty first drafts and get comfortable with not succeeding, with people not listening, or reading, or caring.

Do it because you care. Because you believe. Because it's exciting.

And perhaps most importantly, the world needs it.

This post was inspired by:

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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