Reflections on Building in Public with Arvid Kahl

Reflections on Building in Public with Arvid Kahl

Rosie and I have taken on a sort of bonkers challenge β€” 100 days of Twitter spaces, and today was one of my favorites.

This morning I had a bit of impostor syndrome followed by a case of the "do you even know what you're doing?" and a case of the "well you're definitely not qualified and a day late and a dollar short while you're at it."

This afternoon we had a Twitter Space (as part of #TwitterSpaces100) with Arvid Kahl, who is someone I very much look up to as someone who is an expert at not only bootstrapping but also building in public.

And I found myself jotting down notes and nodding my head as he spoke β€” commending what he's been up to and how he's shared what he has learned with others β€” friends, no one has it all figured out and that's okay!

One thing that I took away most from the conversation, is how taking a community approach can not only help you learn and grow but also help others around you build and grow as well. Arvid shared the tale of how even just simply connecting and elevating with others on Twitter had led to some interesting conversations and collaborations with those around him.

An important part of building in public is the power of showing up everyday β€” and taking yourself seriously so that others will too.

I admit this is something that I often get into my head a bit about or struggle with making something happen at times. It's the little voice in my head that speaks up like "why are you even doing it." Thinking about it as a community approach that you're building in public to learn ALONGSIDE others is something that's important to reflect on as this year comes to a start.

If you joined the chat β€” what did you think?

If you missed it β€” catch my notes on it here.

I'm curious to hear what you would learn from building in public and we can embrace this mindset of a kind, encouraging, learning collaboratively in this new year.

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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