Reflections on Building in Public with Arvid Kahl

Reflections on Building in Public with Arvid Kahl

Rosie and I have taken on a sort of bonkers challenge β€” 100 days of Twitter spaces, and today was one of my favorites.

This morning I had a bit of impostor syndrome followed by a case of the "do you even know what you're doing?" and a case of the "well you're definitely not qualified and a day late and a dollar short while you're at it."

This afternoon we had a Twitter Space (as part of #TwitterSpaces100) with Arvid Kahl, who is someone I very much look up to as someone who is an expert at not only bootstrapping but also building in public.

And I found myself jotting down notes and nodding my head as he spoke β€” commending what he's been up to and how he's shared what he has learned with others β€” friends, no one has it all figured out and that's okay!

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