January 03, 2022

A quick look at Spotify Greenroom

topics: tools audio
Rosie Sherry
I've been on an exploration of audio, as a personal Rosieland podcast, but also from a community perspective. Either hosting audio rooms, or doing podcast type stuff in a more community focused way.

I love Twitter Spaces. It's hard not to love when Twitter is my main hang out area. I've helped co-host a bunch over the past few months and more recently Erin and I have been practising talking the talk through a crazy 100 Days of Twitter Spaces.

I love just showing up and talking without too much pressure. More often than not the conversations are fun and informative. It's also now possible (for some people) to record Twitter Spaces too.

Spotify launched Greenroom a short while back โ€” their version of social audio rooms, I had completely forgotten it existed! I had a peek and an experiment. And honestly, I'm impresssed.

I'm not sure I'd use it as a way to bring a room together. I just don't have the following on Spotify to get people to show up. On Twitter we generally have 10-30 people join our spaces. I could probably pull something together on Greenroom, but it would require more upfront planning.

What is appealing to me is the ability to just show up somewhere semi-casually, with other people and record the audio.

Spotify have made the process so easy to download the Greenroom app. They have clear guidelines. And minutes later I had the audio file (valid for 24 hours) in my email inbox. I could add it to my own podcast, or of course to use with Anchor (a host your own podcast app by Spotify)

Obviously, Spotify are trying to own as much of the ecosystem as possible, but as someone looking to do very casual podcasting, with just me talking, or by inviting someone on to talk through an idea โ€” they have me hooked.

I think this is enough to get me going on Rosieland Radio, finally.

—Rosie Sherry