May 01, 2021

Businesses are communities too

Rosie Sherry
Businesses are communities.

However, some are more like cults.

In cults, people find it impossible to leave.

Until, all of a sudden things collapse and they feel empowered enough to leave all at once.

I say this with the whole Basecamp saga going on right now. Signing up to run a business is a community commitment as much as it is a business one. Your employees and even your customers are your community.

I don't think enough people see it this way. Work is such a big part of our lives these days, perhaps the most dominating part. And if we think of it from this perspective, and how much we've historically lost in terms of community (religion and most people not living close to family), our work community is perhaps an area that we can have most impact in developing positive and impactful communities.

I write this as a reminder to myself, a point to come back to, or as a discussion opener. I'm down for exploring this more. ๐Ÿ™Œ

—Rosie Sherry