[Event] Co-creating a Community Curriculum

[Event] Co-creating a Community Curriculum

πŸ—“ Date: Thu, 17 Nov, 11:00 - 12:00 GMT

At Rosieland, Rosie and James are working on creating a Community Building Curriculum that will be open source.

​There's a lot to figure out.

​The broad and basic long-term plan is:

  • ​build it with community
  • ​the basic version will be open source
  • ​a longer-term view to deliver self-paced, training, cohorts, etc
  • ​we'll be working with the community every step of the way

​Setting up this event is us working in public, sharing our progress and looking for support, insights and feedback from the community. We're also starting to have async discussions about it on The Village.

​Sign up if you're interested in supporting or learning more about the idea, we'll be looking to share our current thoughts and progress.

​We'll send notes and a recording afterwards too. 🌈

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