[Workshops] The UX of Community

[Workshops] The UX of Community

✨ The UX of Community is a series of three workshops led by Laure X Cast, ex-Head of Research at Marco Polo app.

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​How can you create a great community experience? Use UX and Product approaches to make communities people love.

​Take the whole series! You’ll learn best practices to develop:

  • ​Consistent and meaningful welcoming of new members
  • ​A ‘community journey’ that allows people to progress towards their personal goals as they invest more time and participation
  • ​A path to greater responsibility and status for members who demonstrate high levels of commitment
  • ​Empowerment for established members to host or facilitate smaller group experiences within the community container
  • ​Different ways for members to get to know one another and to build relationships over time that wouldn’t be possible without the community
  • ​Commitment mechanisms that foster accountability and participation
  • ​Self-care and ways to avoid burnout

Workshop 1: January 18th

Member Discovery: In this workshop, you’ll learn basic practices of UX research that will help you to create an amazing member experience. We’ll make a research plan and learn how to do UX interviews, as well as getting some ideas of other ways to learn what members care about.

Workshop 2: January 25th

Member Journey Mapping: In this workshop, we’ll apply the ideas around the user journey map to your community, finding creative ways to make your community engaged, generative, and cohesive, leading to more members who invest and grow.

Workshop 3: February 1st

Community Onboarding: In this workshop, we’ll do a deep dive into onboarding, which sets the stage for your community’s success. We’ll design an experience that is tailored to your group’s goals. This plan will ensure you can integrate new members, accelerate their growth, and build a lasting and resilient community.

​What else can you expect?

  • ​worksheets, resources and activities
  • ​recordings of each session

​About Laure:

Laure is a founder working on a platform to create more meaningful connection in communities. They’re also a lifelong community builder and a leader in the movement to make technology more ethical and designed for our real needs. Prior to becoming a founder, Laure was Head of Research at Marco Polo App, previously worked on product and storytelling at Notion and Olark, and was a collaborator on projects for UserOnboard.com. Laure is also a consultant who helps social-good product teams and leaders discover what their customers care about and implement people-focused strategies including community.

​Laure is a member of the board at Prosocial Design Network, a working group member for Aspen Institute Virtually Human, and a mentor at All Tech Is Human, Lenny Rachitsky's Community, and Mentor Me Collective. They have spoken at SXSW (2x), Grace Hopper Celebration, Mind the Product Leadership Forum, the 2020 Action Forum to End Social Isolation and Loneliness, and many others.

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