Fractional Chief Community Officers

Fractional Chief Community Officers

What they are and why you might want to consider them

In recent years, the role of the community manager has become increasingly important for businesses and organizations that want to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers and stakeholders. As communities grow in size and complexity, the need for dedicated community management expertise has become more critical. In response to this need, a new type of role has emerged: the Fractional Chief Community Officer (FCCO).

What is a Fractional Chief X Officer?

I didn’t know what a “Fractional CxO” was until February 2023. Before then, I was used to “one-person business,” “solopreneur,” “consultant,” and more. However, after being referred to Karina Mikhli via Anfernee Chansamooth, I knew I had stumbled upon something worth investigating further.

So I read her blog Fractionals United and joined her corresponding Slack community. I was blown away to see how many individuals identified with this title. But I also wasn’t surprised, because it was what I was doing in practice over the years since starting my own business(es).

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