Rosieland Roundup 138 β€” Structure Slack like a forum

Rosieland Roundup 138 β€” Structure Slack like a forum

🌦 It's rain, cloud and sun in Rosieland these days, but I haven't seen any rainbows, yet!

I almost didn't send out this week's email, I felt like there wasn't enough value to share.

However, I slept on it and pushed through! Instead, I'm mixing it up. The format. The title. How I'm thinking about it. Oh my!

It will roughly follow this format:

  • A community example
  • What has been published on Rosieland this week
  • What has been published elsewhere

πŸ™πŸ½ Let me know what you think by responding to this email?

Structure Slack like a forum or a website

I started a Slack for paid members of Rosieland, which is getting me thinking about 'good practices' to apply.

Slack, or any messaging client can get messy real quick. Infact, I would say that the 'conversation overwhelm' is pretty much the biggest complaint about these chat tools.

It helps to create structure, consistently for you and members to follow.

There's a reason that content, UX and design people like to create products that are easy to scan with the eye. We should think in a similar way with our chat communities.

Here are two examples.

A bold title plus content

A title and then a small description, if you want to add more go straight to the comments to add more information.

Just a bold title question

A simple and bolded question, emoji is optional. Again, go straight to the comments to add context and to encourage people to answer there.

⛅️ Rosieland Reflections

Quick community thoughts for Rosieland paid members

β˜€οΈ Rosieland article of the week

🌈 Rosieland's Roundup this week:

🐦 Tweet of the week

How can we build better communities?

We are on a quest to learn and explore what makes great communities.


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